I’m working on how to enable more amazing sci-fi things to become reality.

Here are ~monthly updated details about what’s top of mind and what I’m working on currently.

I also host the Idea Machines Podcast where I have long form conversations with experts in different innovation systems.

In the past I was an EIR at Entrepreneur First in Singapore where I helped ambitious people build teams and companies. Before that I was a different kind of EIR Susa Ventures and tried to use robots to help older adults stay at home longer. Deeper in the past, I taught computers to understand the world at Magic Leap. I used to build tractor beams for space robotics at Cornell. I’ve, been a plumber, an archer, a waiter, a nazgul, and an oregano salesman. I’m one of the few people in the world with a Bachelor of Science in History.

Multi-Class Fighter/Mage with some levels in Bard.

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