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Trusted Hierarchies and the Coronavirus Crisis

tl;dr: Trusted hierarchies are important for solving problems under constrained time and resources. Governments have historically provided large-scale trusted hierarchy but the US government has completely botched that role in the coronavirus crisis. We need to ignore the false dichotomy of “government vs decentralized coordination” and create a new temporary... [Read More]


Human ability and reach would be greater if different systems for turning imagination into reality existed. There are not only many possible new systems, but some of them are actually feasible. [Read More]
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Inktober 2018

For Inktober I did a drawing each day illustrating something that is useful/interesting to know more about. The topics were (Click name to jump to the image): Bell Laboratories DARPA Macronutrients Venture capital Fusion GANs science Medieval Tech Reinforcement Learning The Innovation Pipeline Academia Elder Care Sales Pipelines Weddings Human... [Read More]