I have many questions. If you have good answers to any of these, please let me know!

Big Questions

How do people bootstrap creditability in the 21st century? The most mainstream way seems to be building a successful company or lab or being promoted to an important position in an existing org.


HINT: any of these would be a great research project if you’re in high school or college

  • How much market cap of new businesses (<3yo) are debt-funded or cash flow positive?
  • How much market cap of new businesses (<3yo) are equity-funded?
  • How much money is put into grant funded research?
  • How many hours are spent on open-source projects?
  • How much money do companies spend on R&D?

Random Little Questions

Is it true that you can’t lead two rounds in a row for a company? A: False. You can lead as many rounds as you want.The disincentive is that if you price the round you can’t rely on that price as readily, and so you can’t mark up your returns… so your returns look worse than they should for longer. <Answered Thanks to @nickcrocker]>

How do you effectively incorporate edits from a set of different viewpoints? Same question applies to advice.

Is a lagging indicator of research vs. development that pouring more money into research won’t necessarily make it faster

Who are people who are really good at predicting how long something will take and how much it will cost?

Popups vs. Footnotes with links. Is one always better than the other? Does it depend on the situation? If the latter, which is which?

Are there examples of things outside of therapeutics that have long time scales and high risk, but a very clear $$ ROI if they succeed?

What are your top conferences in your discipline?

Has anybody ever looked at the relationship between waves of successful technologies and government (NIH, DARPA, etc.) research priorities ~10-20 years earlier?

[Answered!]Can someone explain Functional Fixedness from On Problem Solving?

Can someone explain the Neyman-Pearson lemma to me like I’m 5?

Why don’t startup studios get more DARPA or government money?

What are things that aren’t fundable? Who knows about this?

Why doesn’t the Long Now Foundation have an investment arm?

Is there technology that can look at a webpage and pull out entities?

Is there a fundamental lower limit on how cheap energy can be?



  • Is there an optimal time gap between question and answer?
  • How much do you cut out umms, errs, likes, and other verbal ticks.
  • Intro strategy
    • Bio


  • How much communication do you have with a guest before the podcast? Do you ever interview people you’ve never met before? Do you send questions to the guests beforehand?
  • How did you bootstrap the podcast in the beginning? I’m sure once you have a large audience it’s straightforward to convince people to do an interview - what did you do before you had the reputation?
  • How much do you stick to a set of questions/script vs. go down rabbit holes/have a free form discussion?
  • How do you handle off-the-record information? I know some podcasters give the guest final edit rights - do you do that or
  • How much content do you cut out?

How do you get help with something that you yourself want to be better at? As soon as someone in an organization is better at it than you, generally they are over that role?

Are there any VCs who used to be economists?

How do you catch up with someone when you want

When is the best time of day to send an email?

When is the best time of day and week to create a blog post

Sometimes a successful product becomes even more successful because of a new trend.

Example #1: NVIDIA’s gaming chips turned out to be a great fit for ML and crypto mining.

Example #2: Unity’s game engine turned out to be great for creating AR apps.

What are other examples?

What is the history of boards of directors? #history/

Why isn’t there a markdown editor with an interface like Medium?

What’s the best way to get people to collaborate online? It seems like there’s always a tradeoff between ease (open google doc) and quality/curation/work by the organizer (GitHub repo, or “send me an email and I’ll include it”)

How does acquiring a firm work? Why would you do that instead of building your own? What are the advantages?

Is there a way of measuring hype? How hype-y are robotics? Are there actually valuable robotics companies?


  • What value can I offer to people outside of my world so that I can build bridges?
  • How do I make strong connections in people outside of my disciplines?