Today a friend suggested that I type “why” into Matlab. You should too. Not only had I never tried it, but it never crossed my mind that it was something that one should try.  I’ve never wondered “what happens when I type ‘why’ in Matlab?”

That’s the value of person-to-person teaching that’s irreplaceable in textbooks and MOOCs – the human ability to recognize a problem someone doesn’t even know they have. Great teachers and entrepreneurs both possess this magically human ability. Once I know I have a problem (and how to phrase it correctly) the Internet is amazingly useful, but Dr. Google is pretty useless if you just type ‘help!’

 Quoth Matlab:

The bald and not excessively bald and not excessively smart hamster obeyed a terrified and not excessively terrified hamster.

That’s why, apparently.