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Inktober 2018

For Inktober I did a drawing each day illustrating something that is useful/interesting to know more about. The topics were (Click name to jump to the image): Bell Laboratories DARPA Macronutrients Venture capital Fusion GANs science Medieval Tech Reinforcement Learning The Innovation Pipeline Academia Elder Care Sales Pipelines Weddings Human... [Read More]

Startup Constraints

Venture-funded startups are the innovation machine du jour. Uber, Airbnb, Google, etc. Whenever someone wants to make a change in the world, they start a company. Popular opinion is that startups can change anything but there are actually many constraints on startups. These constraints either kill the startup, prevent it... [Read More]

Principles for Innovation Orgs

I’ve been systemically learning about organizations that were inordinately effective at producing innovations in the 20th Century: DARPA, Bell Labs, PARC, etc. Despite the celebration and focus these orgs have received, several under-discussed similarities stand out to me. Most of these points involve uncomfortable truths and incentives that we often... [Read More]